Developed by nextpractice, the nextmoderator® proprietary moderation tool has now been in use for 15 years and has proven its worth in over 600 workshops with groups of up to 2,000 participants. nextmoderator® brings the creativity and dynamism of small groups to large-scale events. With the aid of a specially installed computer network, groups of up to several thousand participants can work together simultaneously yet in a structured manner to address specific issues. And in an online workshop it is even theoretically possible to involve whole groups of unlimited size in the development process.

Each idea is immediately flashed to all participants the second it’s submitted. At the same time real market and enterprise data can be accessed on the Web. Rapid combination of different data allows for simulations with whose aid participants can quickly generate a wealth of new ideas, summarize them, evaluate them, focus and cluster them in plans of action. Thus maximum involvement of all participants is ensured while algorithms and sophisticated evaluation routines filter out and visualize patterns of key importance for the group.