The realization that we have to proceed from the “I” to the “Collective” is increasingly becoming anchored in consciousness – in business, in society and also in politics. The nextexpertizer® interview technique makes it possible to gain an exact picture of the unconscious cultural patterns at work in a company, and through a deeper understanding of corporate culture (commitment, alignment, change readiness etc) to engineer change in a more conscious, deliberate and sustainable manner. Deployed in markets and social contexts, nextexpertizer® engenders a fundamental understanding of actual and changing needs and expectations (e.g. customer expectations, brand identity, employer attractiveness, service quality etc.). These are the bedrock from which reliable predictions of future developments can be drawn.

With the nextmoderator® moderation tool groups of up to several thousand people can work together in a specially installed computer network, simultaneously yet in a carefully structured manner, in a joint effort to address specific issues. And in online workshops it is even theoretically possible to involve whole groups of unlimited size in the development process (e.g. strategy development, planning of measures, conferences on the future, grassroots participation etc.). Maximum involvement of all participants is ensured. The transparent iterative sequence of working steps creates patterns that are meaningful for the group, while active participation leads to results which have a greater chance of being realized because they are borne jointly by all participants.