The change platform nextrealizer

One of the reasons why change is so challenging for companies, is that it has no place in established structures, processes, communication routines and sign systems and it is not visible. The co-working platform developed by nextpractice gives the development process an identity and provides the virtual space for the content and the implementation thereof. The platform ensures that managers and employees find all communication, information and documentation in the process at a central source, which is easily accessible.

The manifold possibilities for communication and discussion with and between the participants make the platform to a topic-related social intranet and a catalyst for cultural development. On the platform, all participants can find in-depth content impulses for the development process, self-learning offers, best practices, regular reflections on the content and the process in virtual web workshops and, if required, thematic networking in projects for the in-depth processing of change-relevant topics with agile and professional project management tools.

Combined, the various offers at a (virtual) location create maximum transparency and encourage identification. Regular involvement in interactive formats ensures continuous activation and promotes sustainable implementation in everyday procedures.

The co-working platform hosted by nextpractice provides a social network of people and groups (pillar “people”), impulses and web workshops (pillar “impulses”), learning opportunities and best practices (pillar “insights”) and many common project management tools (pillar “projects”) for agile project management. The advantages at a glance:

  • People, projects, impulses and learning opportunities on a single platform

  • Networking on shared interests, topics and values

  • Transparent, inspiring, intuitive, promotes decentralised cooperation

  • Professional project management personally presented in virtual space

  • More relevance and orientation of results through structured reflection
  • Value orientation ensures resonant and sustainable solutions

  • Web-based, app function, and the highest data protection standards

The platforms hosted by nextpractice itself are optically adapted, configured, technically implemented and made available on a rental basis, with technical support.