Living Together

nextpractice Institute

With the founding of the non-profit organisation “nextpractice-Institut für Komplexität und Wandel” (nextpractice Institute of Complexity and Change), a recognised affiliated institute at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, the shareholders of nextpractice are also considering their own social aspirations. The institute, which was founded at the beginning of 2017, is committed to the fields of science, research and education, in order to analyse the causes of increasing tension and the tendencies towards divisions in society, and to stimulate and influence social development on the basis of the predetermined fields of action and a better mutual understanding. The report, “Next Germany”, which was co-authored with the Zukunftsinstitut, and which is based on a meta-analysis of numerous value studies conducted by nextpractice, emphatically highlights the urgent need for fundamental change. In the area of tension between high complexity and the speed of change, society faces a continuous challenge, in order to maintain vital functions and ensure innovative strength and adaptability, for the improvement of job satisfaction and quality of life in general.