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With nextmoderator you can conduct your major events, brainstorming processes or other formats -such as the World Cafés – with almost any number of participants. The participants are consistently involved in an open exchange at eye level. nextmoderator involves people, improves the quality of discussions and results, synchronizes understanding and inspires development.

In this way, the creativity, intelligence and experience of the entire group can be accessed. The results, which are compiled with the help of this procedure, meet with great acceptance among the participants due to the continuous transparency and consistent involvement.

The participants become much more involved in development processes through the open exchange with nextmoderator and thus the co-creativity and collective intelligence of the group is used.

Connecting people



Moderation and consultations

In over 20 years, nextpractice has advised companies in several hundred projects worldwide with its interdisciplinary team and effective methods resulting in numerous references. Our analytical methods allow for simple formats such as brainstorming sessions and world cafés to future-oriented corporate and management culture analyses, market and brand studies as well as sophisticated trend and social research.

How does the nextmoderator work?

With the interactive moderation tool nextmoderator, a dynamic idea exchange is created, in which groups of almost any size work together towards a common objective, from brainstorming to the development and evaluation of concrete recommendations, measures or action plans. The modular structure of the tool allows the implementation of many classic as well as very individually tailored event designs (Brainstorming, World Café). In contrast to classic moderation, the ideas and content, which are mostly submitted anonymously, are available to all participants at any time and a dynamic exchange with strong content reference unfolds. Duplications are thus significantly reduced and efficiency is increased.

Pushing virtual collaboration. Right now!

With the web version of the moderation tool, any number of participants in workshops can use the strengths of nextmoderator, regardless of time and location. To participate in a web workshop, participants simply log on a nextpractice server anonymously. Additionally, much more is possible in virtual collaboration and can be combined for maximum effect and result quality:

For 20 years we have been using digital possibilities to support cooperation in internationally operating companies and comprehensive initiatives via web workshops, live streaming and professional communication and project management platforms. Since, for understandable reasons, many events are currently being cancelled, exchange and professional cooperation must not suffer in our dynamic times of change. Contact us and let us think about how we can virtually design your planned event, management conference or specialist meeting – as a crisis intervention right now, temporarily or permanently.


How our customers use the moderation tool

SR Technics

SR Technics: At the All-Employee-Workshop, the aircraft maintenance company SR Technics involved all employees worldwide via presence and web workshops in order to raise the potential for cooperation with the help of nextpractice in 2014. The highlight of the process was a workshop in a hangar at Zurich Airport with 1,000 participants on 200 networked notebooks.

enercity: Participation-oriented strategy development at the energy provider enercity in Hanover. Together, we used the intelligence of employees to initiate future projects. In a networked workshop 530 employees collectively defined their future at 138 notebooks and 69 tables. The project was awarded the BPM-Personalmanagement Award 2015.

„At last we felt like part of the family."                                     

Employees Malaysia

SR Technics

All managers and employees had the opportunity to help shape the future of the company.

Iris Stein


Which format would you implement with nextmoderator?

In the constant alternation between generating ideas, and differentiated evaluation according to different aspects, such as priority, feasibility and sustainability, the process with nextmoderator dynamically and quickly condenses the relevant topics for the group. Which topics are relevant for you?

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