Market Research

Understanding customers

Approaching your customers systematically and empathically

Your customers’ feedback is of fundamental significance. Their enthusiasm is decisive for the success of your company. But do companies really know how their customers think? Where are new needs emerging in the minds of customers today, that necessitate adjustments, or that could even put pressure on the business model itself?

Let us help you understand your customers in detail, by revealing their subconscious assessments. The collective intuition of a large number of people shows where trends that individual customers cannot yet pinpoint in surveys, are already emerging. The intuitive assessment patterns point out what customers really value about brands and products, what they expect from you in the future and how they rate your competitors.

While the usual market research methods are predominantly guided by hypotheses, with predefined topics and rating scales, our method of analysis uses nextexpertizer to let interviewees describe the respective fields of investigation in their own words. Using associative pair comparisons and around 500 intuitive assessments, we reliably collect the value preferences that are really relevant for determining the best course of action.

The intuitive assessment patterns from a large number of descriptions and hundreds of intuitive assessments are calculated and quantified algorithmically. A “cultural force field” is created, which offers a systematic understanding of your customers and markets. Different value groups are created, on the basis of similar assessment patterns. What motivates the groups, and what they find attractive, is summarised from their descriptions during the interviews.

The so-called personalities, with their group-specific issues and assessments, which are empirically deduced in this way, enable you to explore the motives, concepts and emotional worlds of the respective groups, in a differentiated and empathic manner. This promotes an in-depth understanding that makes it easier to address different customer groups in a more targeted and successful manner, and to understand your market as a whole more systematically and profoundly.


  • Measurement & detail analysis of the customer and market requirements

  • Country-comparative market analyses

  • Preference pattern analysis

  • Determination of the ideal image for your customers

  • Typification of the consumers / end users

  • Behaviour forecast

  • Assessment of acceptance

  • Assessment of the internal and external image of your product / service

  • Future and trend research

  • Review of market-relevant concepts

  • Analysis of the various opinions on your product / service


Analysis process nextexpertizer

And then: Assign personalities and reach customers

The personalities created with the help of the value groups provide you with systematic orientation within your market. Your customers can assign themselves to “their” value group in just a few minutes with our marker tool via an online survey, thereby learning more about their intrinsic ratings. In turn, you can then provide your customers with tailor-made offers that hit the right nerve.

The marker tool also provides new possibilities for your sales, marketing and service staff. They can systematically check the degree to which they have understood the different value groups and practice their empathy. They will also learn to quickly identify the different personalities and to respond to the specific needs of the different groups.


  • Quantitative identification and categorisation of customers into preference groups

  • Marketing tool for product-specific online offers

  • Company-wide employee surveys

  • Generation of plausibility and transparency within the company, through systematic empathy

  • Employee training based on comprehensive customer profiles