Interactive Workshops

Involving people

Finding solutions together and designing the future

In smaller groups, iterative processes are an effective way to find viable and implementable solutions quickly. But is it possible to broaden this to include large groups of employees? There is so much untapped potential and knowledge within a company. How can it be leveraged and harnessed?

With our presentation tool, nextmoderator, we link hundreds of your employees together in workshops, and unleash their potential. In an anonymous brainstorming process, across hierarchies and departments, the relevant issues are determined within a network, consolidated into work packages and defined as concrete solutions in consecutive work stages. This can be done at one location, over the Internet, or by a combination of the two.

Participants can use this tool to work on issues simultaneously, in a structured manner, within a network that has been installed on site. Web workshops can also be used to integrate groups of unlimited size into the development processes. All the participants are fully involved. The transparent, iterative sequence of working steps generates a pattern that is useful for the entire group.

Active participation ensures buy-in regarding results with a high probability of implementation. Even after the workshops, the nextrealizer change and collaboration platform can be used for further processing with the same degree of transparency and dynamism. This can be made available either temporarily or permanently, for collaborative, agile and development work.


  • Collaborative and participative formats

  • Interaction in large and small groups

  • Congresses

  • Conferences

  • Web-Workshops

  • Employee buy-in

  • Non-hierarchical communication throughout the company


Moderation tool nextmoderator

Change plattform nextrealizer