Intelligent Events

Organising Events

Inspire the participants with authentic integration

It is always something special when people get together for a specific event. However, the really important exchange often only takes place during the coffee breaks. Frequently, too much time is wasted on traditional presentations, and even the panel discussions do not always meet the needs of the participants.

We turn your event into a content-oriented experience for the audience as well as the panellists. The interactive integration of the audience – whether by collecting and weighting questions, joint virtual discussion or interactive panel discussions – enable in-depth communication between audience and panellists.

With the nextmoderator presentation tool, all participants are integrated simultaneously, in a structured manner, via networked laptops, so that they can participate in terms of content. Even before an event, the participants can be integrated into web workshops in terms of content and in order to gather mood images or subjects to be discussed.

With this tool, individual users or entire locations can participate in the virtual event and submit questions or contributions. In various phases and formats of the event, nextmoderator can provide additional advantages, e.g. for gathering subjects of discussion at marketing stands or for qualified feedback on the event.


  • Collaborative and participative formats

  • Development of a co-creative environment for your ideas

  • Representation and participation of all the important players in terms of the development of both the company and the strategies


Moderation tool nextmoderator