Change Management

Designing change

Culture and value-oriented change management

Increasing complexity makes it more and more difficult for companies to define a long-term strategy for the future. They know that they need to act faster and be more agile and responsive to their customers’ needs. But even if they succeed in developing sustainable offers for the future, the solutions they come up with often meet with resistance due to an “old school” mentality among employees, resulting in non-acceptance.

In most cases, hierarchical principles no longer have a normalising effect within a company, that could provide orientation and release creative energy for change. As a result of increasing networking and dynamism, these types of hierarchies soon reach their limits. But today, more than ever before, companies need a culture that creates an orientational framework with mandatory shared values – one that produces effective, agile cooperation, which is characterised by innovative strength and efficiency.

That is why we work together with you to design a culture and value-oriented change process for your company. To begin with, we use our nextexpertizer interview process to find out what motivates your employees at the subconscious level and to reveal the incentive structures that are firmly embedded in the company. Because, when all is said and done, you can only mobilise your employees if you know what really animates them in terms of their thoughts and feelings.

We will demonstrate the situation regarding the moods and issues, and we will highlight any points of conflict, differences of opinion or misunderstandings that emerge. On the basis of the evaluation patterns, we will also expose different points of view, for example concerning the need for change, the development of the company, the role of management or changed customer requirements. This enables us to meet people where they currently stand within your company.

First, we involve the managers, and then the employees. We present the core results of the analysis to them and, in a digitally networked process, we use our presentation tool, nextmoderator, to develop specific solutions and cultural parameters for shaping a successful future together – because cultural change is a joint process of discourse aimed at daily implementation rather than an individual learning process.

The group that wants change is often bigger than it appears, but those who belong to this group are unaware of one another, and nobody wants to take the first step. If, little by little, everyone takes up their position at the starting line, the change will begin and has a chance of success. Simultaneously with the accompanying measures and interventions, such as workshops, coaching, courses or facilitated team meetings, either live or virtual, the web-based change and collaboration platform, nextrealizer, promotes widespread acceptance of and identification with change.


  • Designing the culture change within the company/institution
  • Communication & dealing with change
  • Enabling participants to “Sail by Sight”
  • Making a collective orientation framework visible, before, during and after a change process
  • Quickly establish focus areas of action required for an evolutionary process


Analysis process nextexpertizer

Moderation tool nextmoderator

Change plattform nextrealizer