Remaining networked

A virtual space for making change attractive

The transformation of a company can be very challenging because the changes are not evident in established structures, everyday processes, communication routines and sign systems. The change issues are not given the chance to develop and assume more significance.

The web-based change platform, nextrealizer, gives your transformation process an identity, either temporarily or permanently. The numerous possibilities for information, communication and discussion transform the platform into a lively social intranet and an incubator for issues relating to change.

You will find all the players who are involved, all the relevant information about the process, self-study programmes, mutual reflections in web workshops and a project management area with professional tools for agile project processing and process support, all in one place.

The change platform networks your managers and employees in a contemporary manner and guarantees transparency and involvement. The integration and the opportunity to participate in the design inspires your employees and increases the likelihood of success for your change process.


  • Networking of departments / locations across company limits

  • Cooperation on issues such as work, management and change, across locations and throughout the company

  • Development of the company, across locations

  • Co-creative development of ideas via interactive web workshops

  • Social intra or extranet, with a project exchange

  • Quick feedback on development-focused issues within the company

  • Quick identification of the players relevant to the project

  • Best practice exchange


Change plattform nextrealizer