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Cultural change cannot be achieved through appeals. Our approach and our methods are designed to understand motives, to involve people in shaping their future and to use this to successfully move companies.

Collaborate Virtually

For 20 years we have been offering web workshops, live streaming and communication / collaboration-platforms to support professional collaboration. Let us discuss together how we can virtually design your planned event.

Change Management
Designing Change

We support you in your cultural change process. We uncover the unconscious motives of those affected and energetically shape the future – very close to the operative business. Because change management is a discourse that aims at implementation.

Measuring Culture

Only those who know what really moves people can actually move them. That’s why we not only uncover hardened unconscious evaluation patterns, we also show resonant paths that your employees are prepared to take in the face of change.

Interaktive Workshops
Involving People

We design workshops for you with hundreds of employees. Digitally connected for a creative and anonymous collection of ideas. Cross-hierarchical and cross-divisional, so that the best ideas can be implemented and developed into concrete solutions in an iterative process.

Remaining Networked

We create your own virtual place for the important topics of change. In this way, those involved and affected keep pace with the complex challenges of a transformation process. They can inform themselves and help shape the future success.

Intelligente Events
Organising Events

We will make your event into a content experience. Consistently interactive, the participants bring in their questions and ideas. Digital networking ensures an efficient exchange of ideas and interaction between the plenum and the podium.

Understanding Customers

We shine a light on what your customers really want. Because decisions are largely made unconsciously, we use psychological principles and methods that show what your customers really appreciate and which trends are emerging.

Brand Positioning

We raise the awareness of your brand – intuitively and understandably. Our brand analysis captures associative descriptions and intuitive evaluations so that you understand how your brand actually performe with your customers, with your target groups or even on the job market.

Gesellschaftlicher Wandel
Living Together

We are committed to a resilient society. To this end, we analyse the causes of increasing tensions and divisive tendencies and show resonant approaches to solutions. With workshops and platforms, we create the opportunity to shape the future – creatively and intelligently.

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Recognising potential – moving people – shaping the future

nextpractice moves you – Facilitating and design change for over 25 years

Successfully navigate with method

As a result of digital change, companies are increasingly being forced to implement changes on many levels in order to remain successful into the future. The people that make up a company and the way they work together play an ever more important role in this regard. This is brought about by a corporate culture, which either generates agility, innovation and performance – or not.

Our experiences over the past 25 years have confirmed our conviction that the necessary cultural changes cannot be achieved by merely appealing to those involved. That is why our methods are aimed at understanding the motivational aspects and including large groups of people in the process of designing the future – and moving companies forward that way.

Our participatory development processes rely on co-creativity and collective intelligence – for innovative ideas and new forms of cooperation and management within the companies and also in society at large. Our qualitative-quantitative analysis process, nextexpertizer, the presentation tool, nextmoderator, and the change and collaboration platform nextrealizer are at the heart of the nextpractice service portfolio.

nextpractice GmbH’s independent consulting approach is knowledge-oriented: at nextpractice, we do not provide any pre-conceived concepts! Rather, we encourage intelligent, open-ended processes that include both explicit and implicit knowledge from within the companies and brands, in order to promote better orientation and the best solutions possible.

Did you know?

Wussten Sie eigentlich schon, dass_

_wir mit unserem Interview- und Analyseverfahren unbewusste Bewertungsstrukturen erfassen und Unternehmenskulturen und Marktdynamiken nachvollziehbar abbilden können?

_wir auch eine Webvariante unseres Moderationstools nextmoderator entwickelt haben für virtuelle Workshops mit beliebig vielen Teilnehmern unabhängig von Raum und Zeit?

_wir 2017 das gemeinnützige nextpractice Institut für Komplexität und Wandel gegründet haben in dem wir unsere gesellschaftlichen Aktivitäten bündeln?