Cultural Development

One hallmark of the nextpractice approach to all its interventions in cultural development is to ensure maximum proximity to the operative side of the business and strong participation of all the people involved. Theory weighted discussions about aspirational types of attitudes and behavior are of little value and generally lead only to dissatisfaction and alienation. Cultural change is not a project objective but the outcome of a long-term transformation in the daily modes of work and forms of personal interaction found in the company. Against such a backdrop, a basic understanding of the current management culture (analysis of corporate and management culture with nextexpertizer®) is a vital precondition for a successful development process.

The transparency created by the analysis serves as a basis for involvement of the entire management level from which maximum alignment and a sufficient degree of commitment can be generated (management-level workshops with nextmoderator®) – all of which are of decisive importance for the credibility, relevance and resonance of the new paths now being taken.

Analysis of intuitive assessment patterns visualizes the actual expectations of management and staff – supplemented by those of customers and partners – and enables a constructive comparison of the various perspectives. Such transparency together with the consistent involvement of the largest number of participants in nextmoderator® discourse increases the chances of a successful outcome to the process – for instance, in terms of project management, development of corporate and management culture or modeling of customer-supplier relationships. Development of a sustainable and “healthy” corporate culture in the difficult charged field of market demands, optimized performance, adaptability and innovative power can now be measured and modeled. Because you can't manage what you don't measure.