“The value preferences of company employees and the value preferences of customers must be in sync before a company, a brand or a product can unleash its full living power.” (Professor Dr. Peter Kruse)

The competencies of nextpractice are rooted in its special approach to consultancy. For nextpractice optimal support for enterprise and institutions is not a matter of imposing preset concepts; rather it seeks through tailored interventions to promote intelligent processes which consistently draw in all the knowledge, skills and abilities inherent in the organization. nextpractice uses cultural and market analyses, large group discussions and the action proposals derived from them to reveal hidden patterns of value whilst at the same time fostering linkage of existing innovation potential in companies, institutions and the public at large. Awareness of the variety of value patterns is the precondition for gaining a much deeper understanding, and building an intelligent network. This nextpractice principle is recognized and highly acclaimed both at home and abroad.

For many years nextpractice has initiated studies on cultural value preferences and workshops on social topics, organized either on its own or in association with foundations, institutes, media companies and the private sector. By revealing the interaction of contending unconscious cultural forces through the analysis and interview techniques developed by nextpractice, these studies promote informed debate and facilitate processes of social evolution.

Nextpractice offers its services to a variety of industrial and business sectors mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Through the international nature of its clientele, it is present throughout the world.